Compilation of notes on this phone Thats all, folks... Correction, Wish is vety slow in shipping. Difficult to monitor orders. They cancelled many, too. May 2021 Owl's habitat destroyed by fire. Exhausted, sad. Lets human pet him/her Barn owl hatches one chick, other two may not be fertilized. Wild owl parents adopt two rescued owls, later say it's time for you to find your own turf... Super small a/c doubles as humidifier Robert E Fuller Kestrals new family, raising chicks 3 1/2 hr Unity For J Make leaks, not war Robert E Fuller Stoat Watching Starring Bandita The secret world of th


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Shall We Dance

 Shall We Dance?  What can enhance Your romance A chance to rearrange  And change for the better Letter for letter - word for word You feel better, you feel heard  You started a new chapter A new book ofhappy ever after Each page is like sage  A scent which sustains  And trains your heart  Without making a sound You found what, you found why You found out now is when  Bad memories don't happen again You blossom, embrace -  You've won a race To never fall apart but to Win Within each other's heart  It's beyond a trance  Enhancing your hopes  Enhancing what is fancy to you Your life takes on a shape that's new You lose the clue you made your Q And go thru your days - a doble dance  That passes all understanding For when you lift life to that height  Your strife is not banding  Your strife is not binding  Your strife is not branding  You're brand new - each day You've read and you no longer dread  You look ahead, Your head Is no longer weighted, for you created